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Oakland, CA  

Vietnamese Cuisine


Our porridges are garnished with cilantro, white onions, and fried scallions. Each order comes with a side of cilantro, beansprouts, cabbage, limes, and jalapenos.


Chinese Donuts can be added for additional cost.

Chao - Rice Porridge

#50 - Chao Long - Pork Intestines Porridge

Rice porridge with pork giblets


#51 - Chao Ga - Shredded Chicken Porridge

Rice porridge w/ shredded chicken


#52 - Chao Hai San - Seafood Porridge

Rice porridge w/ shrimp, calamari, fish cake,

fish ball, and imitation crab


#53 - Chao Bo - Beef Porridge

Rice porridge w/ ground beef


#54 - Chao Trung Bach Thao - Preserved Egg Porridge

Rice porridge w/ preserved egg and sliced BBQ pork